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<November 2016>

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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Ukrainian Scientific Centre оf Information Technology Development (hereinafter - Center) is a state enterprise subordinated by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; attested research organization, which carries out projects and provides scientific and technical services to a wide range of issues of development and implementation of the software components of information technology in the fields of economy, science, education and public administration.

Mission of Center

-    to promote the development of industry and market software products in Ukraine
-    to improve the efficiency of management of enterprises and companies in various sectors of the economy, public administration, science and education by means of modern software applications.

Main activities of Center

R&D in the fields of
  • custom software development
  • development and implementation of projects of creation/modernization of information integrated management systems of enterprises, companies and organizations:
    - technical audit of IT (model “as is”)
    - IT strategies development (model “to be”)
    - reengineering of business processes 
    - development of technical requirements for  selection of the standard software solutions
    - project management training
    - support of projects of creation/modernization of integrated management systems
  • testing and certification of software, processes and services 
  • marketing of software in Ukraine